Changing the World, One Style at a Time

Changing the World, One Style at a Time

Did you know that every time you shop brand A you’re making our corner of the world a better place? Each time you share one of our Instagram posts with your friends, you’re raising awareness and acceptance for individuals with autism. By purchasing one of our latest pieces, you’re bringing us one step closer to funding our year-round programs that work to enhance the lives of those with disabilities in our communities. But, how did we get here?


The best thing about fashion is that it’s universal. Distinctive fashion styles have the power to transcend generation, culture, background, race, religion, language, or gender. Wearing what moves you enables you to have conversations without speaking a single word. Fashion is boundless, constant, and limitless. In the divisive world in which we live, fashion has the power to unite individuals from all walks of life. 


We’re brand A - and our goal is to bridge these gaps through what we know best: fashion. Our specific philanthropic passion is supporting individuals on the autism spectrum through life-enhancing channels, experiences, and opportunities. The Morgan Marie Michael Foundation, created by Alyssa and Amanda, works to do just that. At the Morgan Marie Michael Foundation, we emphasize every level of community engagement, from our “Strut! And Play” Sensory Gifting Program, to our “iCan iPad” Learning Experience, to our “Life After 21 Support” program and everywhere in between. Our fifty four international ambassadors work both virtually and in-person to champion the relevant concepts of acceptance, inclusion, and policy-change that will benefit our friends (and the friends we have yet to meet) on the autism spectrum.


While brand A’s philanthropic focus supports autism advocacy, we care about social change. Brand A is the company for the modern girl - the social activist, the artist, the doctor, the lawyer, the dancer, the athlete, and the community builder among us. The brand A girl is brave, courageous, and limitless. She knows that, whether she wears our sweatpants or our interview dresses, she can change the world. The brand A girl changes the world with her smile, her wit, her tenacity, and her intelligence. 


The brand A girl lies within all of us - it just takes the right styling and a little bit of confidence to reveal her; that’s where we come in!

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